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Steps to Buying a House & Home~

Buying real estate? No need to go it alone. The Steps to Buying a House and Home are right here to prepare you for your exciting journey of buying a property! #yay#

Buying a home in Montreal

A home is one of the most expensive investments most people will ever make. A broker of unparalleled integrity, Candis Noble's top goal is to help ensure her Buyers do not buy someone else's problem. You will feel confident being represented by a realtor who genuinely cares and takes the time to help you avoid the landmines and pitfalls of not being represented.

  • Discuss your needs; budget and timeframe with a realtor, who has a strong collaborative network like Candis does. What are your "must-haves", your "hard no's" and your timeframe? Some parameters are simply too important to not be clear about from the start. Discuss them with Candis so when searching for properties; you can work together as efficiently as possible... right from the start.

  • Discuss the benefits of being represented by Candis; how the details matter when researching properties; being represented by a broker during visits, offers, and transactions, and how your interests will always be protected by Candis. Since June 2022; to be represented in Québec by a broker; a Buyer's Contract must be in place; signed by both parties. It's imperative in order to protect your interests; negotiate on your behalf and provide pricing and strategy for any offer you may wish to have presented. Reach out to Candis with any questions on buyers contracts; they're important.

  • Be the first to know about new listings with Candis. Candis invites her buying clients to be a part of her very own Centris Portal; working together to know about each new listing the moment it becomes live!

  • Acquire a mortgage pre-approval letter. This is imperative. You can't shop until you know what you're able to afford right? Pre-approval letters can be obtained typically within 2-3 business days once the appropriate documentation is provided to your mortgage lender. Don't wait until the last minute; send Candis your letter of pre-approval and she'll include it in your file; before booking your first visit together. That way, when you fall in love with that dream home; you'll already know your chances of obtaining financing, should you decide to make an offer.

  • Learn what you like and what you don't by visiting a variety of properties with Candis. It's really important to learn what you don't want in a home, as much as confirming what you do. And, the only way to do it is by putting in the leg-work; going and visiting as many properties as possible. Soon it becomes clear; and sometimes it will even change what you "thought you had to have"... suddenly that mandatory garage; can wait and possibly be built later; because everything else the home has to offer, is simply perfect. Book visits with Candis; go... look... feel. It takes time.

  • Ask questions, research the details, and discuss the conditions of a possible offer with Candis. Proper due diligence is an absolute must when buying a home. You need to learn everything possible about the property; from it's history (previous Centris listings and seller's declarations); to researching the titles and deeds at the land registry of Québec. Asking questions at the municipality (Can a garage be built? or determining if septic systems are the appropriate size for a home with 4 bedrooms?) The more questions; the more that opportunity or potential nightmare becomes evident. Take your time; it's important.

  • Strategize your offer with Candis; using detail, timing, and protective clauses. Sure you can make an offer. It's easy. Just put a number in, a time-frame, a closing date and don't forget those inclusions... right? Wrong.

  • Strategy is everything when it comes to drafting that perfect offer. It's an art. A perfectly designed offer has the benefit of making your offer stand out (especially when it may not be the "highest" offer on the table).

  • Having important protective clauses in your offer is key to avoiding unanticipated information that may arise during the buyer's due diligence period after having an accepted conditional offer. Not anticipating those potential landmines prior to writing your offer, can have exceedingly costly consequences.

  • Candis will NOT let you buy someone else's problem ever, if it can be avoided. There are simply too many other options out there.

  • Have a home inspection; Candis will be there with you. Making an offer without having the condition of having a professional home inspection is a fool's errand. Do not ever do it. The cost is minimal compared to the potential major consequences of waiving your right to that condition. Always use a professionally licensed home inspector (AIBQ is a good start); who uses a service contract; adheres the rules of the standardized building codes; has proper insurance and provides you with a written report afterwards. And, please do not pay cash. Have a receipt and keep everything in your files. Should issues arise in the future; you'll have what you need.

  • Discuss the results; research issues, weigh information, negotiate the offer or walk -away; all with Candis by your side. Sometimes offers work and small issues can be negotiated by adjustments in price, conditions, repair-work, or what have you. Other times they don't. Not every offer was meant to be... that perfect home might just have only been a dream in your dreams... and it's the right decision to walk away; avoiding that money-pit or potential legal nightmare. It's okay; something better is on the horizon and Candis will help you find it.

  • Obtain or prove final financing; show proof of funds (if cash) or obtain final mortgage approval. Negotiate with lenders; obtain that perfect rate and financing conditions, you have the time to do your research (but not too much time) be efficient and diligent. Candis has your back and can point you in the right direction with her vast network of exceptional lending professionals.

  • Lift all conditions... the property is officially yours! You and Candis celebrate. "Whoo hooo~ we did it!" So close to the finish line... now the preparation begins to close at the notary. Who will be your notary?

  • Procure a Notary; Candis will forward all documentation promptly to ensure an efficient closing. The Buyer gets to choose the notary of their choice... they also get to pay :) Plan on budgeting these days, between $1500-$2000 for closing (depending upon the complexity of the property; it's price and location). Call around; and if you need a suggestion on who to use? Just ask Candis.

  • The official signing at the notary; Candis will be there paying attention to the details to ensure a smooth successful transaction. It's not over until it's over. These days many realtors do not show up at the notary and it's unfortunate. It's important because hiccups can happen and your real estate broker needs to be there to help you navigate any last minute issues. Is Title Insurance suddenly required? Who will pay for it? The seller? Not always (ask Candis for more info).

  • The broker needs to be at the closing to be able to navigate any unforeseen issues you notary may bring up. Additionally; believe it or not, deeds are not always 100% correct on their first draft... minor spelling errors; or possibly larger errors can arise (being sold "with" or "without" legal warranty... make sure everything is correct). It's important to have as many sets of eyes possible, there to protect your interests.

  • Celebrate with Candis!!! Candis will have arms full of gifts so you may celebrate your new home! Yeah, I'm about all of that. It's our time, let's celebrate... we did it! You bought your perfect dream home. Take it all in and enjoy... it's yours.

First-time home buyers in Montreal

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