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Property Value is about more than comparable sales. The selling price is determined by many factors such as home staging, creative marketing, timing, strategy and hiring an leading Real Estate Broker like Candis Noble

Your home's selling price,
is about more than comparables.

More than Comparables...


The ultimate selling price of your home is about much more than comparables. Recent sold statistics are merely the starting point, and do not hold the key to the end result. With Candis Noble guiding you throughout the preparation, presentation, marketing and strategy when selling your home; you can expect results that will exceed even the comparables' expectations; achieving the highest price possible for your property within the current market. And, the exclusive branding of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices name, tells the world your property is special.

Correct pricing strategies are now more important than ever. The real estate market has corrected and while mortgage rates have risen, 62% of homebuyers who delayed purchasing because of those increasing rates, are now actively looking to buy as rates have now stabilized (potentially going down by end of the year). Realizing the supposed “deals” are just not there anymore, buyers are coming back in droves. So now is the time.


"Your home is unique and I look forward to having a tour and learning all about it from you! We'll discuss recent sales within your neighborhood as well as those within the broader market. It is important.


So gather your questions; I look forward to meeting you, learning about your real estate goals, and providing you with solutions, information, and an accurate valuation of your property with No pressure ever; and that's my promise to you!" - Candis Noble

Complimentary Property Valuation



Opening your door... and selling them, their dream home! Candis Noble will personally open your door!

Opening your door & selling them; their dream.


Who will open your door?


"In my recent visits to properties with buyers this year... No brokers showed up to 18 out of the last 19 visits; Zero (0) Nada; None! I was astonished. My client and I were greeted by less-than-enthusiastic home-owners or lockboxes! Who is actually "selling" their properties?  Who is protecting the sellers from possibly oversharing personal information; making assurances or implied promises; possibly negatively influencing potential offers or even worse, resulting in future litigation? It has become a way too rampant and worrisome trend; and is something I simply won't do." - Candis Noble

When Candis Noble lists; representing you and your property; you will never be opening your own door for buyers, selling your own home, or be put in a position of possible legal jeopardy by doing so. 

"While lock boxes can have an occasional merit; they have lazily become a matter of routine. I want to actively sell your property! And, as a realtor and interior designer... I have a lot to say about the properties I represent. Each property has a story to be told; unique features to be pointed-out and creative potential to be imagined. And, each buyer who walks through the door deserves to learn about the numerous advantages of buying your home... from me, your real estate agent!" - Candis Noble

Candis Noble opens your door; sells your property and helps potential buyers visualize their dreams as they tour your home with together!

Candis Noble greets each Buyer.

No lock boxes.




Designer Home Staging; Candis Noble's expert designer touch will make your property look its best enabling it to sell at the highest price possible.

Designer Home Staging;
Free for all listings

Luxury details; furnishings and accessories are used to home stage each of Candis Noble's property listings; She personally home stages each property providing outstanding value; a free service for all her listing clients

Well-staged homes, bring more buyer visits and higher offers!

It's a fact. And, leveraging her background in marketing and interior design, Candis Noble’s trained eye, design prowess, and home staging savvy are proven marketing assets for her clients when selling their homes.


Pinpointing each property's most intriguing features to highlight, while adapting its layout and details is exceedingly important. After all, we want to"wow" the right Buyer and show your property in its best light. Candis' real estate marketing experience, design expertise and home staging reviews have proven this time and time again. With Candis, you will be in excellent hands as she takes you through the steps to prepare your home.


And, Candis' final designer touch will stage your home to sell; maximize your number of buyer visits, and obtain your home's highest price possible!


FREE Designer Home Staging... From Staged to Sold.



Candis is meticulous in the marketing of your property, and home stages each property she lists, as a bespoke and entirely Complimentary Service she provides for each of her Sellers' properties!  Yes... free.


You can feel confident knowing an interior designer staged your property to picture perfection. Candis Noble's expert designer touch will showcase your property's listing to its fullest, providing exceptional value and next-level results. Candis Noble has your covered from staged to sold!

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Let The Transformation Begin...

Let your home staging transformation begin with Candis Noble Montreal Real Estate Broker





   (Click HERE to Download PDF   



Professional Camera

It's all in the details.

Detailed photography makes Candis' property listings stand out; afterall details matter

Picture Perfect... It's all in the details.


Your property deserves to be showcased to the right audience. Candis uses a combination of social media advertising to do just that.  Using her best photographers, to creatively capture each property's essence; Candis is hands-on when directing her property photos and video working closely with her team of professionals.  A combination of vertical videos or cinematic horizontal videos is used to draw attention to her listings. 


Highlighting the unique aspects of your property while targeting ideal buyers is Candis' prime focus. A vertical video was chosen to accentuate the 4-story townhome below; working with the property's tall design and marketing toward its ideal demographic. Entirely staged by Candis and shot by her professional videographer, this vertical video was distributed throughout her social media campaigns targeting cellphone viewership.


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Current, Cool, and oh so Captivating



Something a little different... Digital Storytelling

Candis Noble is a lifestyle realtor whose creative digital marketing, social media campaigns, and descriptive listings will sell more than your four walls. Candis offers glimpses into the lifestyle and story behind your property, so would-be buyers can get a sense of what life could feel like if they were you buy a home; like yours!

Each home holds a story; a lifestyle begging to be told. Digital storytelling gives that little something extra; the essence of which other media (Images, Matterport, and even Video) cannot quite capture... Emotion.


"I love selling lifestyles; learning about my clients' properties, and creating these visual moments.  What better way to showcase the lifestyle of their properties to would-be Buyers? What story will your home tell? Let's create it together..." - Candis Noble

Candis Noble; Lifestyle Realtor
telling the story of your home.

And Social Media... Creatively Marketing your property.


Candis' strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Youtube brings your property to the eyes of her myriad followers across these and other social network platforms. 


Real estate is a business of connections and your property will benefit from Candis' international network. Want to follow Candis too?

  • See Candis Noble's Property and Brand Videos on Youtube
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  • TikTok with Candis Noble and stay current on all things real estate, home staging and lifestyle.



The world is watching your home!

When selling your home, you will receive maximum exposure to the right audience reaching millions of unique users monthly. The world’s a big place and, for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ global listing syndication, you and I will be where the action is! 


In addition to your listing being syndicated in Canada:

The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices global website has over 26 million visits per year (Canada being in the top three countries) and is translated into (12) twelve languages.

Your property will be syndicated globally:






• ($1 million +)

• Mansion Global WeChat Channel ($1 million +)

• Barron’s ($1 million +)

• WSJ Market Watch


• (Financial Times, London) 


All this ensures Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network listings remain in front of the world’s most serious; qualified home buyers.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Québec even has a dedicated Juwai page that reaches Buyers from the far East!



Global Luxury  
Print Branding

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Candis Noble use a mix of Online and Print media to showcase their listings and international brand exposure and reach.
Luxury Real Estate around the world; international properties

Global Luxury Print Branding

Advertised in some of the world’s most prominent publications.  Attracting the right audience through print is an important part of Berkshire Hathaway's global print branding strategy.



• The Wall Street Journal

• Mansion Global Magazine

• Unique Homes Magazine

• duPont Registry


• Netjets Magazine

*Prestige Magazine is a print gallery of luxe lifestyle articles, interviews, and carefully selected Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Luxury Collection properties; solely for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Luxury Collection Specialists; distributed across the network and to affluent individuals with a net worth of $25 million and higher. *Reach out to learn if your property might be eligible.

Hudson, Quebec; a lifestyle community with real estate located on the Falcon Golf Course in Alstonvale and Hudson Valleys; also near Whitlock Golf Course  and the Hudson Yacht Club.


Candis Noble is one of Montréal's most outstanding real estate brokers; having helped hundreds of sellers and buyers fulfill their real estate dreams and financial goals; representing properties in all price points throughout Montréal, the West Island, Hudson, the Laurentians, and Lanaudière. 


Candis is a 2022 Honor Society Award recipient at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices; one of the most prestigious and respected real estate agencies in the world.




Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices International Real Estate Agency | Luxury Real Estate in Montréal.
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