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Colour... The Seduction

Purple garden

Colour, one of the many gifts of nature. It seduces the senses surrounding us with myriad visual delights. Can you even begin to imagine a world without it?

A stunning scattering of fruits; pomegranates, oranges, mangos, grapefruit, kiwi and lemons are nothing less than a delight to behold... a colour palette of nature's bounty, a feast for the eyes. Beautiful cannot begin to describe this visual wonderment, that often we take for granted.

Magenta pomegranate

The majestic peacock carries his perfection in a mere single plume bringing awe-inspiring joy as it gleams in the sunlight, radiating its luminescent hues of blues, turquoises, greens and browns. The perfection in its dramatic hues are indeed inspiring.


In fact, colour's impact within any interior space is literally intoxicating and yet few realize its power.

Colour requires commitment, needing to be used both purposefully and carefully to enhance an already perfect design. Only then can it achieve its most dramatic effect within a space.

I recall when I was in design school, we were not allowed for an entire year to design anything using colour! Not one thing. Every drawing, every concept, every design had to be done using black, white and greyscale. At the time, as students we found this frustrating and challenged our professors, pleading our cases, only to be told a flat-out "no". Their reasoning was very important and I'm often reminded of it to this day...

Black and White

Colour is so very powerful, that it can actually "mask" poor design. It was stressed that we needed to learn to design in an entirely transparent fashion, where all our design "flaws" could be revealed, critiqued and learned from. Colour would "upstage" our designs, and get in the way... simply put, colour hides poor design; maybe even making it appear "acceptable".

Colour is appreciated with our eyes, but it also has a direct impact on our mood, evoking nuance, imagery, memories and even visceral reaction (Ever feel a colour "vibrate"? ). For such a simple design element, colour makes an impressive statement which needs to be respected.

colour wheel; rainbow of colors

So, when choosing your colours for any space or room, it is important to realize that colour is not your first design decision. The space, the concept, the function, the layout... the entire design comes first. Remember, colour is best used to enhance, punctuate and complete and already amazing design.

Colour, when curated responsibly and informedly can creates an irresistible seduction of the senses, in an extraordinary way. And, as a designer, few things thrill me more than using it impressively... let's merely agree to design your space to absolute perfection, first!

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