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Quebec City – Colour, Cuisine, Art and Inspiration...

Quebec City is a city of inspiration. The architecture, the colours, the history, the food...the people. It is simply a city which feeds the soul.

One of the most fascinating elements of this historic city is its use of colour. The combinations of hues feel spontaneous and light. The combinations never take themselves too seriously...and the effect is simply enchanting.

In a world of "safe" white crown moulding, Quebec City by contrast, revels in colour, texture and richly-saturated hues by painting their trims boldly and unabashedly.

A city of artists and artisans; Quebec City inspires all who visit it. It is a city of design... a city of gastronomic delights, bountiful gardens and stunning architectural history.

The food is as exquisitely designed as its architecture. Even the simplest of casual lunches are presented as elegant, artful moments to be appreciated.

Outdoor Café au Rue du Tresor, QC

The gastronomique paradise which is Le Restaurant Le Continental is not to be missed if you are fortunate enough to get a reservation.

Restaurant Le Continental, QC

Food becomes theatre, giving a stunning performance of precision, decadence and cuisine at it's five-star best. A feast for all the senses, from preparation to presentation to palate.

Restaurant Le Continental, QC

The coolest, by far, Indian Restaurant was found in a sunken hidden space on Cartier Ave, QC, Epices de l'Inde. From whimsical brilliant colour and decor to some of the finest Indian food I've tasted, this fun little restaurant was a sheer delight~!

The persimmons, oranges, reds and lime greens were as much a part of the wonderful experience as was the delightful staff and sumptuous curries~ Mmmmm.

Epices de l'Indie

Even spontaneous, artistic moments are to be found upon a morning's walk in QC... A strategically-placed plume crowns a rustic basket of a well-loved bicycle. My mind wanders as to the story of how and when it was placed there. It remained untouched for days.

Each time I visit, my senses come alive with all these things. Yet what inspires me most is the city's breathtaking uses of colour which tug at my heart, transforming into my muse for that next "je ne sais quoi", that I design.

Quebec City, my new palette of colours... My current inspiration.

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